Optical Measuring System Camera Cluster System

One of the critical quality criteria for sheet, plate and tube production is compliance with the required dimensions for slabs, strips, plates and tubes.
This material property must be guaranteed constantly throughout the complete production process – from continuous casting plant through hot and cold rolling mill and refining line to dressing and straightening line and inspection line.
IMS delivers optical measuring systems that measure and document the relevant parameters precisely and reliably even in extreme environmental conditions and constantly changing material position.
The optical measuring systems from IMS measure:
  • Quickly The measurement is made online. The results are available immediately – the higher-level process control system can react immediately
  • Accurately They measure every single product completely – the basis for comprehensive documentation and complete traceability.
  • Without physical contact They measure from a safe distance without physical contact with the material.

The measurement is based on the optical transmission.

The backlight unit uses infrared light and the light is monitored by the camera unit beam.

The light emitted by the backlight and leaked from pinhole     and/or edge crack of the sheet material will be detected   by area scan cameras.

Applicable in processing lines and cold rolling mills

  • Width gauge
  • Edge crack detector
  • (Large) hole detector
  • Pinhole detector
  • All in one gauge

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