Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders


FOSSA produces special cylinders such as AGC and AWC capsules, telescopic and rotating cylinders, press cylinders, rotating distributors, torque cylinders, hydraulic power units, pressure multipliers, handling cylinders, winch and skidding cylinders, anti-seismic and post tensioning devices and many more, e.g.


- ElecElectrode regulation cylinders

- Furnace tilting cylinders

- Ladle lifting cylinders

- Tundish tilting cylinders

- AGC –HAGC capsules (roughness and finishing stands)

- Work roll and B.U.R. change mechanism cylinders (single rod or telescopic cylinders)

- Torque cylinder for coil tilting device

- Press main cylinders

are assembled and tested in their main workshop where they have static and dynamic testing capabilities up to 1’000 bar as well as modular testing cages to simulate the final application.

The engineering of all products is developed internally by their technical department, following the client’s dimensional and operative requirements applying the latest design criteria and techniques such as solid design, parametric configuration and F.E.M. analysis.


The standard products are available in all kind of fastenings:

Bore: up to 500 mm

Stroke: up to 11.000 mm

Construction: completely steel-made

Rod: up to a 360 mm diameter and always deeply chromated. If required: induction hardened - nickel plated - nitruded - stainless steel-made - other variants

Jackets: hoined and, if required, chromated or intruded

Cushionings: according to request: standard or special.

Feeding ports: various kinds (SAE - CETOP - GAS - NPT - etc.)

Accessories: according to request: internal or external linear transucers, encoders, proximity sensors, regulation valves, balancing valves, security valves, maximum pressure valves, hydraulic blocks, etc.

FOSSA range of products includes:

- MILL series pneumatic cylinders

- MILL series hydraulic cylinders

- Rotating hydraulic cylinders

- Hydraulic plunger cylinders

- Heavy series pneumatic cylinders

- Heavy series hydraulic cylinders

- 70 atm. light series hydraulic cylinders

- DIN series hydraulic cylinders

- ISO 6020/2 hydraulic cylinders

- 210 atm. light series hydraulic cylinders

Also different kind of special products are available according to customer demands

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