EAF & LF lance manipulator system for sampling and temperature measurements


The CATFIS manipulator is designed to automatically measure temperature, carbon/oxygen contents and take samples for steel chemical analysis without having to power-off the furnace. By removing the operator from the furnace door, it provides maximum safety during melting process.
The equipment is installed on the fix platform either on the right or left side of the furnace slag door.

The equipment consists of the following main components:

  • The supporting & revolving turret is installed on the rigid platform on the side of the furnace slag door it is equipped with an electric drive, an upper rotating turret and a junction box for the electrical connections. The rotation on the horizontal plane moves the horizontal arm to loading position and to work position where the lance enters in molten steel to take a measure or a sample of it.
  • The mechanism used to electrically drive the probe inside and outside the steel bath is installed on the front end.
  • The probe carrier is water cooled.
  • The cooled probe carrier supports at its front end the receptacle holder assembly with the contact block necessary to take measures. To water cool the probe carrier front-end tip about 2 m3/h (8,8 gpm) of water at about 4 bar (56 psi) of incoming pressure is necessary.
  • The automation cabinet, complete of PLC and motor drivers, for fully automated operations of the CATFIS manipulator.
  • The electrical local control box, containing the necessary hard commands to operate the manipulator.



The CATDRET manipulator is designed to automatically measure temperature, carbon/oxygen contents and take samples for steel chemical analysis without having to power-off the ladle furnace.

The system offers the advantage to be totally safe, no need for an operator to be near the LF.

The CATDRET manipulator is a “stand alone” equipment that can be easily installed on the fix platform either on the right or left side of the ladle furnace.

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