Gear Spindles

MAINA gear spindles meet today’s extreme operating requirements for high misalignment and torque by means of the following features:

  • Gear tooth profile, designed for each application, obtains a maximum area contact with minimum backlash and stress concentration.
  • Selection of material, heat treatment and surface hardening ensure the MAINA gear spindle will endure combined compressive, bending and shear stresses.
  • Surface finish precision of the gear tooth improve the load distribution and increase the working surface.
  • Special sealing set avoids leakage of lubricant and contamination maintaining the lube film, essential for a long tooth life.
  • Precise manufacturing and exact balancing assure optimum life and performance, for high speed operations.

Dimension from Ø 270 to Ø 1150 mm.
Torque transmission from 59 to 25500 kNm.

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