About Us

R.I.C.C was founded in 1975 as an engineering solution provider for heavy industries. By having  40 years of active experience and with support of local engineers, R.I.C.C  is a provider of industrial engineering solutions and technology for all industries in IRAN.

Along with worldwide technological advancement in modern industries, companies seek to equip themselves with more competitive assets that distinguish them from other competitors.In this way, R.I.C.C, with more than 4 decades professional experience, offers a wide range of modern engineering solutions for various applications, such as: steel industries, cement plants, wind turbines, water and wastewater treatment plants, paper industries etc.

Besides, R.I.C.C has constantly endeavored to bring together the three main values of reliability achieved out of 40 years trustful business, acquiring technological know-how through partnership with world-class and market leader suppliers and employment of professional young educated, well-trained engineers and specialists.