Laser Distance Meters

LASE 1000D series

The LASE 1000D sensor can measure with its TOF technology (Time of flight technology) at distances of up to 800m on reflectors and up to 110 m on natural surfaces.

LASE 1000T series

These sensors are distance meters for contactless distance and thickness measurements

The distance sensors of the LASE 1000T series are optical measuring instruments, which work according to the triangulation principle. This procedure ensures highest accuracies micron-precise (µm range).

LASE 2000D series

The laser scanners out of our LASE 2000D-Series are two-dimensional contactless distance measuring systems built for the industrial environment, which are also usable for outdoor applications. The scanner interface outputs the contour data on the recorded surroundings by working with constant raw data incorporating with distance and angle values.

The 2D-profiles of the surrounding are scanned by the multiple pulsed IR laser beams transmitted via a rotating lens head. The LASE 2000D sends extremely short light pulses, measures the running time of these pulses to the object and back, calculates the distance as well as determines the angle of the pulses sent back to produce at a max. rate of 15 times per second and creates a profile picture of the complete environment, including all objects.

LASE 2000T series

The LASE 2000T sensor is an optical measuring device for non-contact precision measurement in two dimensions with a high accuracy. The measurement is performed by oscillating the triangulation plane over 10° or 50°. A fine collimated or focused laser beam is diffusely reflected from the surface of almost any kind of material or fluid, and a CCD-camera records the image through an objective. By including a Digital Signal Processor it is possible to calculate the (radial) distance from the centre of the mirror axis to the object surface, as well as tracking the angular reference position.

LASE 3000D series

The high performance 3D laser scanners from the product range of the LASE 3000D Series are based on the components of a 2D laser scanner and a swiveling platform which is powered by a servo-drive. A high resolution encoder on the servo-drive measures the angle of rotation of the platform and by linkage of the 2D laser data with the Encoder data, high precision 3D profile measurements are produced


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