Angelo Romani
B.S.A s.r.l

Eich rollenlager
Customized solutions in roller bearing technology for steel mills

Since 1939, Eich focuses on the pure made-toorder production of special bearings. The company now has a worldwide reputation as a roller bearing specialist. Quality, flexibility and adaptability are not only product characteristics, but are also mirrored in the company’s work procedures, philosophy and employees. in this way, custom-made solutions for bearing problems can be developed or solved with the customer. Customers, who are directly involved with solutions, expect these qualities in the consultation process and the execution of their orders. The customer thereby determines the yardstick against which the company’s products are measured.

A fundamental feature of all Eich roller bearings is a tailored manufactured design to the customer’s specific application. For example, the construction of a standard cylindrical roller bearing can be changed and adapted to the specific requirements of an application.

There is thus no comparison between Eich roller bearings and the classic mass-produced bearings concerning production techniques and availability. Distinguishing features of our classic spring roller bearings, whose versions have undergone a certain standardization over the years, are, among others, highly impact resistance, suitability for operating at high temperatures and within low profile rolls or equipment.

The focus of the company’s product range is within heavy industry, and particularly in continuous casting machines for the steel industry. Further applications for the special bearings produced by Eich are found in refuse incinerators, rolling mills, levelling machines, washing installations and pilger machines (pilger machines are used to produce seamless tubes).

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